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Teacher Peng

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Round 1

Submission Deadline: 

October 31, 2019

Registration Deadline: 

November 6, 2019

Round 2

Submission Deadline: 

December 31, 2019

Registration Deadline: 

January 6, 2020

Round 3

Submission Deadline: 

February 28, 2020

Registration Deadline: 

March 5, 2020

  • Conference Date

March 8-9, 2020

Call for papers

Topics include but are not limited to:

Digital circuits and systems

Signals and systems

Digital circuit and logic design

Digital electronic technology

Analog electronic technology

MCU principle and interface technology

Semiconductor device

Microelectronic device physics

Integrated circuit process principle

Digital integrated circuit design

Semiconductor integrated circuit

Communication integrated circuit

Analog integrated circuit design

Electronic packaging technology
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